Unique, Pure, Texture. Memory. Salt. South. Artisan. Terroir. These are the eight most important words in Restaurant André. They are the backbone of everything that is created at Restaurant André. From a single dish to the restaurant’s overall philosophy – Octaphilosophy – is our method of encouraging and managing the creative process, and a principle to live by.

The initial question André Chiang asked himself at the very beginning of creating his first restaurant was, Who is André? How could he define himself as a chef and be ‘free’ from all the strong personalities he had previously as mentors? He felt the need to design his own personal framework, almost DNA-like, based on true self-knowledge and to encourage his own creativity.

Trying to filter what’s important from a whole life is challenging; remoulding those experiences into a useful tool, even more so. When André Chiang began the process of defining Restaurant André, eight words rose to the surface – and, from there, it all seemed so natural.

Octaphilosophy has been developed as a tool to explain a dish. At Restaurant André there are no starters or main courses but all dishes are there for a reason and all are equally important. Each dish is built up around an Octaphilosophy concept and finds its ultimate expression in the dining room setting.


Partitioners of the art of cultivation deserve to be celebrated. Artisans carry history on their shoulders by passionately dedicating their lives to the craft of taking a simple ingredient and turning it in gold.


Explore an ingredient with curiosity. Forget about habitual rules. Dare to challenge the imagination.


Beauty is in anything and everything. Truth is in simplicity. Allow an ingredient to unfold and evolve to its full potential without being altered. To release its honest flavour, aroma and texture. Let everything be touched.


The characteristics of a specific time and place, tradition and culture, geography and climate – incarnated into the ever-present origin.


You are your memory. Memories are your best reference and your best friend. A memory can be revitalised and updated for as long as you live. Use your memories to enhance your practise of hedonism.


Sal-vation, salary, salad. Salt is not only the key of life, it also preserves, has been used as a currency, keeps away daemons and makes food taste delicious. Salt is sea, civilized and essential.


Inhale the perfume of sun-drenched olive trees and ripe tomatoes. The air vibrates from joie de vivre. This is the South of France, the region that generously invites the adventurous, colourful spirit we call life.


Soft, crusty, hard, porous, slimy, dense, elastic… layers of texture composed as a symphony, with the complexity of rhythm, loudness, silence… A delicious sensory experience.